Black Belt School International

Black Belt Schools International (BBSI) is an association of independent martial arts schools. The concept was first introduced in 1992 as Black Belt Schools of America by Greg Silva. The goal was to help promote the benefits of martial arts training and to help professionalize instructors and schools alike. The BBSI sets standards of operation for our members in order for us to offer the best in training and training facilities.

Blue Dragon Martial Arts is an autonomous school and part of the Black Belt Schools International. This means when you join our family, you have the advantage of linking arms with hundreds of schools in many countries. Blue Dragon stays up-to-date on the latest, most effective self-defense techniques and teaching methods including: Black Belt Excellence lesson plans, nutrition, and exercise science. Some of the most recognized schools in the country belong to Black Belt School International. Our instructors are among the best in the industry and experts in what we do. We are on a constant quest to be the best, so our students can always expect the very best in martial arts training.

Black Belt Excellence

The Black Belt Excellence program shows parents that we really do actually teach more than punching and kicking. They can actually see those benefits of martial arts, those character building life skills, being taught to their children.


Karate is arguably the most well-known martial art in the world. It is a striking based fighting style that does not include grappling in its training. Relying on keen focus and a firm center of gravity, Karate teaches you how to strike correctly but more importantly that you must understand the reason behind your strike.

Why study Karate?

Karate is far more than just a style of fighting. It is a way to understand oneself and the world. The word Karate can be understood in English as “empty hand.” Empty hand has two meanings within the discipline. 1) Referring to a practitioner’s ability to fight empty handed or without weapons. 2) Empty hand is interpreted as containing Japanese Zen principles. In this regard, the empty hand refers to a person holding onto nothing except the perfection of one’s self and art of the style. By being like a quiet valley where every sound can be heard a person can remove the selfishness and wickedness within themselves and become an exemplary and spiritually fulfilled individual.

At Blue Dragon Martial Arts, we endeavor to not only impart the techniques of Karate but also its philosophy. True strength is not the ability to cause harm, but the ability to remain calm and resolute in the face of adversity. When the people of Woodbridge decide to learn karate with Blue Dragon Martial Arts they will learn: Self-control | Balance | Respect | Discipline



To me a true natural leader is someone who others find not only worthy but irresistible to follow with the energy, drive and passion to not only inspire but move everyone to action towards in a mission or a cause bigger than themselves. Their character is beyond reproach. They end up making leadership look effortless. They lead others without even knowing it.

Can your child be a leader? The answer is YES! Leaders are neither born nor created. Every single one of us already has inside of us EVERYTHING we need to be a true leader. But we never let it out! You don’t really need to be taught to be a leader because you already have it inside you. Most are not born leaders because while you may have a leader inside you, what if it never comes out? Like a baby bird that never ever comes out of its shell?

I grew up on the tough city streets of Boston Massachusetts. I learned that being involved with community activities were a lot of fun. Most of these activities were designed around self-improvement and learning. I was mentored throughout my teen years by many of the community leaders. Parents, school teachers, scouts, volunteer tutors from the community and Catholic outreach programs. As an adult I joined the United States Air Force and learned the value of taking responsibility for myself and leading Airmen under my charge. My tipping point was when I realized that I was the one in control of my own future. I never take any of this for granted. I provide the same lessons and experience to your child. I tell you all this not to boast but to show how the last 40 years have all lead to the most important element of this dojo – the Leadership Program.

Our next Leadership Program ‘Class of 2020’ is currently in the application phase with interviews and selection just before the first session in December 2019. It consists of eight monthly seminars starting in January and graduating in September. One parent will be required to attend with their child. These seminars include adult-level personal development and leadership material.

If you think your child might be ready to become a leader, contact me right away for more information or to start the application process. You can help your child break through that shell and reach their “tipping point”!

Self Defense

When you find yourself looking for self-defense courses in the Greater Woodbridge area, turn to Blue Dragon Martial Arts. We take an attentive and detail-oriented approach to instruction, ensuring that each student has grasped a concept before moving on. Sensei Harnett is always on the premises during every Self-Defense class. Don't hesitate to contact us today if you'd like additional information or you want to schedule a time to begin your martial arts training

Our highly experienced instructors are devoted to creating a safe, controlled atmosphere that's appropriate for learning in our training hall.

We don’t like to admit it but there are some streets in areas that we would rather not walk around alone at night. Usually, the thing to do is just avoid these places, but sometimes trouble comes to you. When it does, it is best to be prepared. Blue Dragon Martial Arts is here to give the people of Woodbridge the tools they need to protect themselves when they need to.

While Self-Defense is a serious subject but this is not the army, it is a classroom and we try to have fun while learning. Even the strongest building can’t stand on a weak foundation. That is why we support each other in class; to create a solid foundation for our students to stand upon. Come and meet like-minded individuals, engage with other members of your community, and have some fun. If you have any questions about the self-defense classes we provide the people of Northern Virginia then please feel free to contact us.


When parents think about signing their kids up for karate, most often they are really looking for their child to be more focused, confident, have more self-esteem, believe in themselves, be stronger both mentally as well as physically, set goals and reach them.. the list goes on. Children need lots of activity to use all the energy they have and grow up healthy and strong. But learning a martial art is much more than that. It also starts a child on a lifelong path of enjoying physical activity in a positive atmosphere.

A lack of physical activity is a problem that adults and children face not only here in Virginia but throughout the country. It is also one of the main causes of obesity and deteriorating health in our society. To counteract the issue of poor health, Blue Dragon Martial Arts engages our students, especially the younger ones, in exercise that is fun and informative. We make every effort to ensure our classes are as engaging as possible for the young people of Woodbridge, so that they will pick up the skills and attitude that will make their lives easier and more rewarding.

Blue Dragon Martial Arts organizes its martial arts classes for children around the idea that different children learn in different ways. We use a variety of different teaching techniques to help our students remember our teachings. The faster they learn, the faster they can move forward. If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our classes then please contact us at (571) 330-1688.

Martial arts training teaches children many fundamental qualities, including:

Self-esteem | Focus | Strong Work Ethic | Manners | Self-discipline | Respect | Patience | Leadership | Goal Setting